MAGIC KISA is a dark short comedy on the topic of the gemellity : Two twin brothers meet again after years of separation. One leaves prison and the other lined up and founded a family. Associated by long years of swindle and chicaneries, their destinies rock in one night... Stealing of identity, handling and threats of two strange grave-diggers... MAGIC KISA is a trap movie with wicked humor...

Directed & Written by Mathieu Saliva
Produced by Jean Claude Flaccomio

Cast :
Dominique Bettenfeld: The gravediggers
Philémon Renaud: Castor
Marie Vernalde: Margot
Christophe Laubion: Vic & Gino

Crew :
Xavier Arias: director of photography
Stéphane Lizouret: production design
Pierre Adrien Lecerf: set designer
David Vincent Fabien Salabert : sound
Maxime Ray Camet: special effects
Robin Barrière: editing
Olivier Cussac: music

Fabrice Villeneuve : 1st assistant director 
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Magic Kisa

Magic Kisa
Le coup de coeur cinéma de Notulus

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